Published 2018: Joe has an article in the Spring 2018 issue of Communities magazine titled, "I'm Not a Racist, but Racism is in Me--and in my Community."  The essay explores Joe's journey addressing racism in himself, US society, and in the intentional community movement.  Download a free copy of the entire issue here:


Published 2016: Joe has a chapter in the 2016 book by Routledge Press, Experiential Learning in Philosophy. The chapter is titled, "Studying War and Contributing to the Community," and describes the use of community-engaged learning and experiential learning in his courses on the ethics of war, conflict, and pacifism.

Published 2014: I Built My House on a Volcano/Mi casa en el volcán, a bilingual picture book for all ages in English and Spanish

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herman volcano t

Coming soon: Joe is working on a manuscript exploring the morality of war, titled The Virtuous Warrior and the The War on Terror


Warrior's helmet, Olympia, Greece

In progress: Joe is writing a memoir on love and relationship.


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